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My Portfolio

Some of the work I’ve created over the years.
Mostly in chronological order, with a few exceptions


My 2019 Calendar

Just in Time for the New Year!

Created by my gallery in Munich, a fun calendar for that special place in your home, featuring some of my artwork for the European market.

KWWeb_MagnusMoon_2500x875 web.jpg

Artwork Available for Purchase

Oh, take a look. You never know!
The paintings in this portfolio are available at one of the two galleries that represent me, or directly from me, at “studio” prices. Details provided with each piece in the portfolio.


Peace. Love. Good-Will.

Happy New Year!!!

Thank You for a tremendous 2018 season!
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My Christmas Collection

My unique series of exclusive Christmas-themed products for your home.
I am very proud of these, as I’ve overseen the detail in every aspect of their creation. Take a peek, and see what I have to offer.