Where Do You Hang?


• Where do you paint? Do you have a studio?
• Did you study art? Where?
• I like your stuff, where can I see, or perhaps even buy, your work?
• Who has influenced your art?
• Do you always paint shirtless?
• Your work looks so rich…. are they oils?

I’m thinking this blog might be the perfect spot to answer questions that people ask me whether through this website, via Facebook, or Instagram. So, one at a time… Today, I’ll answer the third one, where you can see my stuff…

IF you want to see the real thing, not a digital version, it’s in one of three locations:

Simie Maryles Gallery in Provincetown, MA. Yes, it’s on the tip of Cape Cod, but I’m very honored to be among the artists that show at this well-respected gallery. This year, amongst other things, the 2019 paintings for The Dessert Series will be shown there.

Kunstbehandling Art Gallery in Munich, Germany. This long-standing gallery in the heart of Munich proudly shows my, shall we say, more male-centric work:

Of course, the third spot is at My Studio, in Brooklyn Heights, New York City. Contact me, and we’ll arrange a studio visit! (I guess I also just answered the first question from above!)

AND, if you’re not planning to be in P-Town or Germany, anytime soon, feel free to browse the two image galleries that are on this site. One features my work from the last few years, both sold and available:

The other highlights artwork available for sale, either directly from me, or one of the two galleries that represent me. Check it out:

Both galleries ship world-wide, so please contact them directly, or send me a note! Don’t be scared!

Did you read all of this? Wow! If you leave me a comment, I promise to answer with something witty, cute or scandalous. You get to decide!

More Later!