Come to the Gallery in Provincetown!

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YES! It happened!

After teasing you most of the year with the progress on my paintings, they have, indeed, left my Brooklyn Studio and now grace the walls of Simie Maryles Gallery, in Provincetown, MA, on the tip of Cape Cod.

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I have been showing at this gallery for the past five years, and it’s always a pleasure to be in this artistic community. I wasn’t actually sure, until the last minute, if I’d physically be here to hand over the paintings, but quite luckily, a friend was driving up from NYC and offered to take me and my paintings, on the long drive. And, now I can stay a few days and actually be present for my opening!

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The main pieces are eight new paintings from my whimsical The Desserts Series, 2019 edition. There are a few other paintings, in case you’re trying to cut back on your sweets (corny, but I had to!).

So, today, Friday July 5th, I invite you to swing by The Simie Maryles Gallery, 435 Commercial Street, (it’s the gallery you see right next to The Mews Restaurant). The paintings are already up. And, the opening is tonight at 7pm. Stop by and say, “Hi!”

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What do you mean, you’re not in Provincetown?!? Well, check out:

I’ll still love you if I don’t see you later today!